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We help you build strong customer relationships! Competitor resistant relationships result from great customer experiences across your enterprise.

Customers are the reason for businesses to exist.We would all agree that the health and well-being of every business depends on its ability to find, win, keep and grow customers.

You have a significant investment in demand generation - in finding prospective customers. Every prospect needs to be evaluated, nurtured and pursued with a view to creating a positive experience - even when you direct the prospect elsewhere.

Winning new business, whether from new customers or existing customers, takes time, energy, talent and funding. Often it takes years to realize a return on your investment.

Customers are won by providing them with what they perceive to be the best solution and the best value for their needs. Keeping these customers demands care and attention; customers will stay with you when:

a) they perceive that you continue to provide the best alternative for their needs and

b) they perceive that you deliver such excellence in your products and services that they are willing to recommend you.

Customers are lost for a variety of reasons. Customers may provide excuses that do not reveal the real reason for their departure to avoid conflict with your team. Unfortunately, the "story" may not provide you with the insights needed to prevent further lost business.

The Dunvegan Group helps companies to thrive. We capture the voice of your customers and your prospects. Customers and prospects trust us to listen without judgement, probe for complete understanding and provide your company with feedback that serves all parties. We uncover opportunities for growth, opportunities for improvement, opportunities to create competitor-resistant relationships through great customer experiences.

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The Platinum Rule®


Learn how to strengthen your business relationships through The Platinum Rule® Training ... an ideal means of creating stronger bonds with your customers, colleagues, and co-workers by treating others the way they want to be treated!

Whether you are in sales, customer service, administration, emergency response, marketing or finance, the Platinum Rule® approach will serve you well. Instead of using the "this is how we do it" method of dealing with others, you may find that conversations are much more congenial and productive when you adapt to others.

Applying the Platinum Rule® will help you build platinum relationships - strong, valuable and sustainable. Ask us how!