Looking for an authoritative guide on customer satisfaction and retention? Measuring Up! A Guide to Success with Customer Feedback is a great read for anyone with customers! Author, Anne Miner, shares the experience and laughs of growing a customer retention consulting company over the last 20+ years.

Measuring Up! is a book for business executives concerned about customer retention. Whether your organization is already engaged in a customer feedback, voice of the customer or customer satisfaction measurement program, or contemplating the start of one, this book will provide you with valuable insights.

Measuring Up! will reveal the critical areas where your organization must prepare to receive customer feedback and take appropriate actions to leverage customer advocacy and remedy discontent.

It will tell you how to find out what your customers are thinking and feeling about your organization and how you serve them. It will tell you how to figure out what customers want and how you can really get connected to them. It will guide you on the path to the platinum thread that will bind your customers to your organization so tightly that they will never want to leave you!

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What readers are saying about Measuring Up! A Guide to Success with Customer Feedback.

“Anne Miner does a wonderful job of demystifying the art of customer retention, leaving the reader with tried, tested and true techniques to summarize, analyze and address the customer experience.”
Fiona Friesen, President
Strategy Forward Marketing

“I wished I had the opportunity to read this book before we embarked on our own project with Dunvegan, it would have given me the insight on what to expect so that I was better prepared on the depth and scope of the work that Dunvegan does.”
Craig Senyk, Director of Portfolio Management

“A must-read especially for those who believe in marketing as a philosophy of doing business.”
Marcia E. Lane, President
The Third Sector Group

“As leader of a large national organization, and one of Dunvegan’s first clients, we benefited greatly by using these management tools, with great support and guidance from Anne. It gave our company a true competitive advantage!”
Gord Box, General Manager
Transport Trailer Sales, Inc.

“Measuring Up! is a must-read for business to business marketers that want to launch or recharge customer satisfaction initiatives that can dramatically help improve customer relationships and the bottom line.”
H. C. Vera, President
Sales Outcomes, Inc.


The Bottom Line on Customer Retention: It Pays to Care! reveals the secret to successfully managing customer retention. Author Anne Miner, a recognized expert when it comes to customer retention management with more than 25 years experience, shares her journey from customer satisfaction to customer retention; along the way she debunks customer satisfaction mythology including the belief that customer satisfaction is a necessary condition for customer retention.

Based on more than 10 years of primary research, this book reveals the three critical factors that play into customer retention, how to detect customers who are truly at risk and how to build competitor resistant customer relationships.

If you are frustrated with your company’s customer satisfaction measurement program, or disappointed in the lack of progress in improving customer retention, this book is for you.

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What readers are saying about The Bottom Line On Customer Retention: It Pays to Care!

The concepts for improving customer retention are easy to understand, but difficult to implement. Many B2B firms struggle to bridge the gap between what they know they need to do, and getting it done. Anne Miner vividly presents a path to bridge the gap and drive significant, sustainable improvement in business performance.”
Hernan C. Vera, President, Sales Outcomes, Inc.

“Having seen Anne Miner’s process implemented within organizations first hand, I can honestly say that it works! Organizations are able to develop detailed action plans by customers based on the specific feedback provided through the process, a very important strategic initiative given the competitive landscape most organizations are operating in today. Existing customers, after all, are the lifeblood of any organization and giving those customers a voice by focusing on customer retention pays dividends in the long run.”
Tim Holmes, Principal, Concord Management Consultants, Inc.

The bottom line on customer retention is a simple and quick way to understand the complex issues behind why B2B customers choose to leave, or stay. We all work so hard to find customers. Anne Miner’s information in this latest book will undoubtedly help unlock the opportunities to keep more of them!”
Sharlene Massie, CEO & Visionary, About Staffing Ltd.

“Talking to your customers is not enough. Today’s leading companies need an effective Customer Care and Retention program with the ability to strengthen their customer relationships. The Bottom Line on Customer Retention gets straight to the point and details a concise solution.”
Doug Vanderspek, President, Trailer Wizards Ltd.

Like all of Anne Miner’s best work, her commitment to and belief in caring as a philosophy of doing business ensures that the case for customer retention (and customer retention done right) floats on the underpinnings of solid marketing thought. How could Anne not be right?”
Marcia E. Lane, Founder, InterimInc