Customer Service Training

Customer Service Mastery!

We train your team on the fundamentals of The Platinum Rule® to improve their awareness of communication styles with each other and with your customers.

Chances are, you are interested in customer service training because you know your employees have the potential to prevent and resolve customer service issues better than they are now. You want your people to improve the customer’s experience. This is a direct route to improve the bottom line.

The Dunvegan Group offers The Platinum Rule® programs that help organizations run more fluidly by creating an appreciation for different communication styles. The Platinum Rule® is simple in context: Do unto others as they would have done unto themself. In other words, treat people as they would like to be treated (not as you would like to be treated). The adaptation of this knowledge and awareness in your organization is a powerful catalyst to synergize teamwork, resolve customer issues more effectively and retain valued customers that are ready to walk.

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