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Few things are more important to growing a business than customer retention. When customers leave, it drags down your top line due to lost revenue and it drags down your bottom line due to the high cost of replacement. Discontented customers start paying more attention to your competitors, compromising your position in the marketplace and affecting employee morale. Senior executives become frustrated while managers become discouraged as their best efforts fail to keep pace with the problem. Where do you begin?

When it comes to assessing the strength of the bond between your company and your customers, you need an expert on your team. Evaluating the durability of your customer relationships when you have hundreds or even thousands of customers, is no easy task. Even with the best of intentions, it isn’t something that an in-house program or policy can fix (so if you’ve tried don’t be too hard on yourself). Software programs and surveys may give you answers, but they won’t tell you how to respond in the context of your current situation or the marketplace. Customer policies and customer service training are ineffective when they can’t address the deeper pain of the customer. You need to respond quickly, accurately and efficiently to prevent wide-scale problems that affect every level of your business down to the bottom line.

A customer-focused organization will help you grow and retain business

The Dunvegan Group helps you keep your ideal customers. We work with your team to build a customer-focused organization and install a customer retention program that will provide you with the information you need to strengthen relationships with ideal customers and prospects. We work with you to identify and respond to the most urgent changes required to retain existing customers while creating a long-term solution that will enable you to continuously improve your ideal customer experience.

We’ll work with your management teams to challenge myths and master new skills that quickly assess and repair damaged customer relationships. You’ll also have virtually 'real-time' access to all of the customer feedback we collect. Together, we’ll implement a long-term, sustainable solution to retain and grow your business.

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