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Customer Experience Tip #48

Make sure your best customers are “in-the-know”.

The customers who keep coming back to you again and again AND suggest your products or services to others are your best assets. Make sure you give them advance notice of specials, sales, or events so they can help you by the sharing the information with others

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Customer Experience Tip #47

Make a great first impression.

Make sure that all of your personnel are neat and clean and a tribute to your company: in office, in store, and delivery personnel.

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Customer Experience Tip #46


One of the main obstacles to successful communication is poor listening skills. Listen and let the customer explain their concerns fully and completely BEFORE jumping in with a solution.

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Customer Experience Tip #45

Give ‘em the good news.

Let customers know what you can and will do for them. Start every statement in the positive: “It will be ready on Tuesday” instead of “It won’t be ready till Tuesday” – see the difference?

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Customer Experience Tip #44

What’s in a name? Recognize them.

Everyone likes to hear their own name. Use their name when greeting them. It shows how important they are to you and your business. Remember personal information they have shared with you. You might want to start a memory file to help recall this information.

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Customer Experience Tip #43

Be sensitive to the importance of your customers’ time.

Don’t keep your customer waiting. If you have an appointment, make sure you are ready on time.

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Customer Experience Tip #42

Invest in yourself and your business.

Make sure you, and your staff, have proper training to offer your customers expert service in your field. Don’t ever “assume” your staff has the right skills for your business.

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Customer Experience Tip #41

Be easy to find.

In a retail setting, make sure you are visible. In a service industry or web-based industry, make sure your website is accessible to your clients quickly and easily.

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Customer Experience Tip #40

Keep your diet private.

Don’t eat in front of your customers. Pop that gum or breath mint into a tissue and dispose of it before speaking to your customer.

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Customer Experience Tip #39

Be forward facing.

Offer your customer expert advice that is pertinent to the “here and now”, but will take them forward into the future, too. If they are considering a product you know will be discontinued, or replaced with an upgrade, offer them the choice so they can make an informed decision.

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