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Customer Experience Tip #8

Don’t be stingy.

When something goes wrong – and it inevitably will – fix it! Focus on resolving the issue to the customers’ complete satisfaction (rather than your replacement costs). And then go a little further – make it worth the customers’ effort to let you know about the problem.

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Customer Experience Tip #7

Tell stories.

Facts tell but stories sell!

When you share your own experience or another customers’ experience with a certain product or service, you build credibility and strengthen the bond with your customers.

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Customer Experience Tip #6

Serve them.

This goes beyond taking their money at the check-out counter or transferring their call.

Service is an attitude and an appreciation that puts you into the service mode. Provide your best advice compassionately, and with a smile!

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Customer Experience Tip #5

Say thank you and mean it!

Again, show you care and look ‘em in the eye. When you say this over your shoulder or with one eye on the next customer, you diminish the customer’s perception of their importance.

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Customer Experience Tip #4

Give first.

Be generous. Give the customer your full attention. Smile! Welcome them to your office or your store.

Little things do matter. Take their coat – offer a beverage – especially at your store – remember, shopping is a strenuous business!

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Customer Experience Tip #3

Greet everyone with a smile.

Every time. Even when speaking to them on the telephone. A smile is a welcome sign and it makes both of you feel good.

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