Our Team

With over two decades of experience in customer satisfaction research and methodology, our team is equipped to address any customer issue your organization may be facing. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific element of expertise or have a customer dilemma you’d like help addressing.


Anne Miner, BA, MBA, CMRP  Anne Miner Twitter.Anne Miner LinkedIn

President & CEO
Anne Miner, the founding partner of The Dunvegan Group, first entered the field of marketing and survey research in 1974. Since then, she has been the lead customer satisfaction consultant on assignments across virtually all product and service categories, from diapers to transportation. Anne is respected for her ability to work closely with her clients’ teams to identify the issues to be investigated, focus on what is actionable, and develop creative solutions.

In addition to working with a portfolio of clients and managing the operations of The Dunvegan Group, Anne has contributed to the community through membership on various Boards including the International Women's Forum, YWCA, American Marketing Association (AMA), and Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA). She is a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association and she ensures that The Dunvegan Group carefully adheres to the code of conduct of this organization.

Anne Miner's latest book, "Soar2Success with Customer Care", contains over 50 tips for creating memorable customer experiences. Anne is also the author of “Measuring Up! A Guide to Success with Customer Feedback”, a book reflecting on over 20 years of her dedication to customer satisfaction and measurement, as well as “The Bottom Line on Customer Retention: it pays to care!” which discusses The Dunvegan Group’s findings from more than 10 years of research on customer relationships and customer retention.

Anne Miner holds a BA and an MBA from the University of Guelph. She was among the first researchers in Canada to be awarded the prestigious designation of “Certified Marketing Research Professional” by the Professional Marketing Research Society (now the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association). 


Olev Wain, BA, MA, PhD

Vice President (Dunvegan Fellow*)

Dr. Olev Wain joined The Dunvegan Group as a partner in 1989, following five years as Vice President and National Research Director with Baker Lovick Advertising (now BBDO Canada). With more than 25 years of experience in the marketing and survey research industry, Dr. Wain’s skills have been beneficial to developing innovative programs for measurement and management of customer retention.

Dr. Wain has a talent for developing research designs to simplify complex problems and is well respected for his mathematical and statistical expertise.

Dr. Wain’s research has been fundamental to the development of The Dunvegan Group's Business Retention Index™ (BRI™), our proprietary index of the strength of the bond between a company and its customers (indicator of customer retention). The research and refinement of the BRI™ reflected a need to go beyond conventional customer “satisfaction” measurement to detect what customers would actually “do” about their feeling towards an organization – stay, or leave.

Dr. Wain is responsible for all of The Dunvegan Group's Key Customer Retention Indices including the Business Essentials Index™, Service Delivery Index™, Problem Experience Profile™, the Customer Advocacy Zone™ and the Employee Advocacy Zone™.

In 2008, Dr. Wain was awarded the title of Dunvegan Fellow to reflect his ongoing contribution to the success of The Dunvegan Group.



Cheryl Bentley Timothy Seever LinkedIn

Program Manager, Certified Salesforce.com Administrator


Cheryl Bentley joined The Dunvegan Group in 2008 bringing with her several years of software programming, technical writing, software training, and end user support experience. This diverse background gives Cheryl the unique ability to understand and analyze issues from many perspectives, break down the processes, and guide others through adoption and adaptation to a challenging computerized world.

She has also been on the client side of a customer care and retention program, which has given her insight to the impact The Dunvegan Group’s services can have on customer satisfaction and customer retention, as well as employee engagement in the process. The Dunvegan Group relies on Cheryl’s ability to absorb concepts and challenges quickly, to apply her skills and talents to identification of resolutions, then explain them in language that everyone – from software engineers to CEO – can fully understand.

Cheryl is The Dunvegan Group's in-house Salesforce.com specialist who has assisted several of our clients with their implementation and enhancement of this powerful CRM system. She is also skilled at working with other CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics.





*The honourary title of Dunvegan Fellow is conferred on members of the organization who have made significant and critical contributions to the growth and sustainability of The Dunvegan Group.