What Is The Dunvegan Difference?

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients because of our commitment to your ongoing success.

1. We Are Partners In Your Success

We are consistently thoughtful and flexible. From your first interactions with us in the proposal stage, you’ll notice that The Dunvegan Group goes beyond the numbers to deliver actionable insights, and to design custom solutions, to meet your unique challenges.  We are sensitive to the people and culture of your organization and adapt our style of doing business accordingly. We are always on the lookout for innovative ways that our services can add more value to your organization.

2. We Have The Best Metrics For Anticipating Customer Retention

The Business Retention Index™

The Business Retention Index™ (BRI™) is the platinum indicator for predicting customer retention because it gauges what your customer “will do about” their perceptions and feelings towards your business. While it’s become trendy to conduct online surveys and tabulate results into single-variable indices, these methods offer little proof of their ability to inform broad-scale changes that will increase customer retention. The BRI™ was formulated through over two decades of market research and direct application to client projects. Learn more about the BRI™.

The Business Essentials Index™

The Dunvegan Group has identified a set of service aspects that are common to all Business-to-Business relationships; these aspects consistently emerged across industries, size of business and range of services. For this reason, we have named them "Business Essentials" and the Business Essentials Index™ is a critical indicator of how well your company is delivering against customer expectations in these areas.

The Service Delivery Index™

The Service Delivery Index™ (SDI™) is specifically designed for your company to reflect those service areas where you are both willing and able to adapt to customer expectations. These may be areas that you consider fundamental to the products and services your company offers as well as aspects that specifically differentiate your company from your competitors.

Learn more about our metrics.

3. We Focus On Relationships

Improving relationships with your customers begins with improving relationships within your team. At The Dunvegan Group, we offer The Platinum Rule® customer focus training to all executives and managers who are engaged in the customer retention program. The Platinum Rule® is a simple concept – “Treat others how they would like to be treated” (unlike the Golden Rule – “Treat others how YOU would like to be treated”). This basic training puts the human touch back into numbers and policies, helping our clients genuinely create better customer experiences. Learn more about customer focus training

Fact: The Dunvegan Group is the only customer retention company that implements The Platinum Rule® standard within our own call center so that our representatives can sensitively interact with your customers. We set the tone for growing your business and recovering your customer relationships.

4. We’re An Investment, Not An Expense

You can measure the return on your investment (ROI) in working with us. The Dunvegan Ratio™ is a measure of rescued business, measuring the dollars retained as a direct result of having the information necessary to address the customers’ issues resulting in retained and renewed business.

The Dunvegan Ratio™ = $Rescued : $Spent on our services.

With careful implementation of a Customer Retention Program under our guidance, we have found that clients typically achieve a Dunvegan Ratio greater than 10:1.