Customer Satisfaction Measurement

We Help You Keep Satisfied Customers

We interview hundreds to thousands of your customers to evaluate and quantify their feedback. We validate suspected issues and detect other threats before they become issues.

In order to conduct your customer satisfaction measurement work, we first consult your management team to determine what you need to know from your customers. We explore the perceptions and beliefs of management, customer-facing personnel and customers to identify the range of values, problems, issues and opportunities relevant to your customers.

This insight is used to customize the Dunvegan Dashboard™ for your specific needs. Each customer interview results in a diagnostic Customer Care report which is used by your team to develop an action plan to effectively resolve customer satisfaction issues.

While our highly skilled Executive Interviewers are busy interviewing each of your customers to gather feedback, your management team can view and sort data in real time. This is your direct portal into how your customers feel about your organization, and how they will make decisions about your business in the future.

When all the results are tabulated, our consultants will review key findings and highlight what your organization is doing well, so you can continue to capitalize on those efforts!  We will uncover discontent and opportunities to expand the services you deliver to current customers.

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