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Customer Experience Tip #54

Focus on improving.

Study and learn the best practices in customer care for your industry – then look at other industries. Remember, customers will compare your performance to your competitors AND to other types of companies they do business with.

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Customer Experience Tip #53

Care. Really care.

Feeling and showing that you are concerned about the customer’s needs is the first indication that you care about them. Hold the door open. Help them with their coat. Detach a shopping cart from the lineup rather than letting them struggle.

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Customer Experience Tip #52

Keep focused.

You know what you want in your business and from your business. Keep focused on the direction YOU want your business to go in. Don’t try to expand to encompass what others think you need for your business. You can’t cover all the bases.

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Customer Experience Tip #51

Look ‘em in the eye.

If you don’t stop and make eye contact with the customer you are speaking to, you let them know that you really don’t care. Think about the restaurant server who asks about the meal and doesn’t even look at you as they rush by!

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Customer Experience Tip #50

Under promise and over deliver!

Customers tell us, “You don’t have to “exceed” my expectations – just meet them and I will be wowed!” If you deliver a little something more – through your smile and your attitude and appreciation for their business – you will have gone the extra mile!

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Customer Experience Tip #49

Follow up.

When a customer has engaged with you – whether they made a purchase or not – follow-up and let them know you care. When a customer has inquired about a product or service, be sure to record that information so you can start the conversation on a relevant note.

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Customer Experience Tip #48

Make sure your best customers are “in-the-know”.

The customers who keep coming back to you again and again AND suggest your products or services to others are your best assets. Make sure you give them advance notice of specials, sales, or events so they can help you by the sharing the information with others

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Customer Experience Tip #47

Make a great first impression.

Make sure that all of your personnel are neat and clean and a tribute to your company: in office, in store, and delivery personnel.

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Customer Experience Tip #46


One of the main obstacles to successful communication is poor listening skills. Listen and let the customer explain their concerns fully and completely BEFORE jumping in with a solution.

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Customer Experience Tip #45

Give ‘em the good news.

Let customers know what you can and will do for them. Start every statement in the positive: “It will be ready on Tuesday” instead of “It won’t be ready till Tuesday” – see the difference?

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