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Competitor Resistant Relationships

In any business, you have two key assets: your customers and your employees.  Without either one, you will not have a business. Buildings, vehicles, inventory, cash, even good will … none of these assets make a business.

As the business owner, you will spend a great deal of time, energy and money finding customers and finding employees to serve those customers.  It is your responsibility to protect those assets by securing the relationships with hard won customers and the employees who serve them.

Why is this so critical?

  • It is much less costly to keep a great customer or a productive employee than it is to replace them.
  • When the time comes to sell your business/transition to new leadership, the company will have a much greater value if you can demonstrate that the customer and employee relationships are secure.
  • You will have a happier and more productive workplace when customers and employees enjoy working together.

How does your company address this challenge?

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