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Customer Experience Tip #43

Be sensitive to the importance of your customers’ time.

Don’t keep your customer waiting. If you have an appointment, make sure you are ready on time.

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Customer Experience Tip #42

Invest in yourself and your business.

Make sure you, and your staff, have proper training to offer your customers expert service in your field. Don’t ever “assume” your staff has the right skills for your business.

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Customer Experience Tip #41

Be easy to find.

In a retail setting, make sure you are visible. In a service industry or web-based industry, make sure your website is accessible to your clients quickly and easily.

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Customer Experience Tip #40

Keep your diet private.

Don’t eat in front of your customers. Pop that gum or breath mint into a tissue and dispose of it before speaking to your customer.

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Customer Experience Tip #39

Be forward facing.

Offer your customer expert advice that is pertinent to the “here and now”, but will take them forward into the future, too. If they are considering a product you know will be discontinued, or replaced with an upgrade, offer them the choice so they can make an informed decision.

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Customer Experience Tip #38

Yes, even satisfied customers leave!

You must keep communication with your customers alive and well. Let them know they are important to you! Your competitors will be actively working to lure your customers away and if your customers think they will get a better deal or receive better care – they may decide to leave you.

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Customer Experience Tip #37

You don’t have to have ALL the answers, but you should know how to find them.

Don’t embarrass yourself or your customer by fabricating a story that isn’t true. Let your customer know you don’t have the answer, but you know how to find it for them. Then find it.

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Customer Experience Tip #36

In the heat of the moment, breathe.

Not everyone can be even tempered at all times, but your business depends on your ability to remain calm while working with your customers. To help stay calm, remember to breathe.

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Customer Experience Tip #35

Employees are one of your best assets.

Treat them with respect, and honor their accomplishments. That helps keep your employees motivated to do a good job for you, which means your customers will receive a good experience while interacting with your employees.

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Customer Experience Tip #34

Always be positive with your customers.

Focus on the positive. Tell them what you can do and not what you can’t, don’t, or won’t do.

Negative comments or ideas can make your customer feel their loyalties are not genuinely appreciated.

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