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Customer Experience Tip #33

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sam)

Instructions, directions, processes, policies. Simplicity is best. If you offer a 100% money back guarantee – honor it – period.

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Customer Experience Tip #32

Follow through, do what you say and say what you’ll do.

Then just do it. Don’t break the trust you have built with your customers by not doing as you have promised.

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Customer Experience Tip #31

Make a referral.

Your customers will appreciate you and your business more if they feel you trust them enough to send your friends or colleagues to their business.

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Customer Experience Tip #30

Think before you dress.

When meeting a customer be dressed appropriately.

No matter what environment you may be entering with your customer, always be neat and clean, and wear the clothes and accessories required to fit in their environment.

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Customer Experience Tip #29

Monitor your tone.

When speaking to your customers, be aware that the tone of your voice can change the interpretation of the words you are saying.

Don’t contradict your message by the fluctuations in your voice.

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Customer Experience Tip #28

Trust your instincts.

If you feel your customer is not happy with your service or the way you have resolved an issue, you are probably right.

Investigate with your customer. Make sure you aren’t jeopardizing their loyalty by ignoring the situation.

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Customer Experience Tip #27

A personal touch.

Keep a list handy of your customers. Take notes of their likes, dislikes and business information you have gathered during the course of your relationship. Send them a personalized card to celebrate milestones in their business.

A “Thank You” for your business goes a long way to building and maintaining a long term relationship.

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Customer Experience Tip #26


Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for a referral after you have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Be sure to build the relationship first!

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Customer Experience Tip #25

Follow up.

Take every opportunity to follow up with your customers and ask them about their experience with you.

Be prepared to spend some time to answer their questions and resolve issues, concerns or problems should they arise.

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Customer Experience Tip #24

Honesty and integrity.

Make these values a priority in your organization. Your business depends on it.

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