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Customer Experience Tip #23

A voice at the end of the line.

The phone line that is. Make sure your customers can reach a real person quickly and easily when they need to.

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Customer Experience Tip #22

Everyone makes mistakes.

Humans are fallible. If you make a mistake take ownership of it immediately, and make sure your customer receives the appropriate action to rectify any problems or concerns your mistake has or may cause.

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Customer Experience Tip #21

Help your customer find what they are looking for.

Don’t just point in the general direction of the item or tell them which aisle it’s in; accompany your customer to the correct area. Then offer your help as they make their selection.

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Customer Experience Tip #20

Change your perspective so you can see what lies in front of you.

Routinely change how you view your organization and the way your customers are being treated. Look at things from your customers’ perspective. Make changes as necessary to your customer service policies and procedures.

Don’t forget to share your findings and your changes with the appropriate personnel in your organization!

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Customer Experience Tip #19

Make your customer “want” to stay with you.

Provide exceptional customer service.

A customer that wants to stay with you is much more valuable than a customer who feels “caught” or “trapped” into doing business with you.

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Customer Experience Tip #18

The customer comes first.

Excuse yourself from a conversation that can be concluded later.

If you can’t immediately move to the customer, make sure you make eye contact so your customer knows you have acknowledged their presence.

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Customer Experience Tip #17

Make customers feel welcome when they visit.

Offer a chair, a beverage, a newspaper or magazine. If the customer comes early, or does not have a confirmed appointment, that would be the only time for them to wait to speak to you.

Early or not, you must still make them feel welcome.

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Customer Experience Tip #16

Partner with your customers.

When your customers feel they are important, and that they have as much stake in your business as you do in theirs, your relationship will acquire longevity.

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Customer Experience Tip #15

Never talk negatively about your customers or anyone.

Keep those thoughts to yourself. Remember, there are only 6 degrees of separation between people, and the person who overhears your comments may know who you are speaking about.

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Customer Experience Tip #14

Always speak to your customer as an equal.

Never “talk down” to a customer; after all, no matter what their background or education is, your customer has made a very intelligent choice in working with YOU.

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